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Dimensions of Consciousness

Transformation & Practice

Soanoia's approach is integral and is adapted from Ken Wilber's Integral Theory/Theory of Everything.
The dimensions of consciousness below reflect the elements and levels of conscious leadership and governance open to transformation and practice, and these include the internal-external-individual-collective dimensions.

Individual Consciousness

The Path to Personal Transformation

Nurturing internal leadership awareness and honing external leadership competencies in service to inter-being (self, peoples & planet)

Organisational Consciousness 

The Path to Success & Systemic Change

Fostering the praxis of organisational agile, ecozoic and servant leadership & governance as a force for good

Collective Consciousness

The Path to Collaborative Creation

Harnessing collective & collaborative intelligence to achieve sustainable & self-organising communities and projects

Human Consciousness

The Path to Ecological Wellbeing

Aligning human consciousness within a noospheric & ecozoic system of global governance

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Streams of Consciousness

Transformation & Practice

SoaNoia's programmes are semi-structured and focus on four thematic streams of consciousness:

awakening, exploration, inscendence and praxis.

They have a baseline framework developed cooperatively into a bespoke scheme

in the service of our collaborators' specific needs.

The streams below address all four dimensions of consciousness in accordance with the needs of the collaborators; and can be delivered in virtual (online) mode, and/or in presential (face-to-face) mode (anywhere in the world subject to travelling arrangements - costs to be included the programme fees).

Image by Ivana Cajina


Ignite your connection of 

mind, heart, body & soul

This is an intense ignition programme. 

In co-creating a space

for the awakening of awareness,

we consider the notion of consciousness 

within our sovereign being

through five thematic sessions:

our origin story;

our identity;

our spiritual contracts;

our ikigai;

and our inner tribe. 

This is a great kick-starter and overview of the meaning and practice of conscious governance, responsibility, care & leadership. 

Image by N.


Identify  and understand

the dots of aligned consciousness 

This is an active observation programme. 

Supported by a collective intelligence backdrop, we begin a journey of exploration

into our conscious awareness, holistic mind and thought process. 

Through a variety of activities (e.g. Natural Arts Association's conscious conversations)

and tools (e.g. Maureen Murdock's framework of the Heroine's Journey), 

we observe, deconstruct and reflect on the process of the five levels of consciousness (Bernard Lonergan & Daniel Helminiak). 

The aim is to understand and therefore start mapping out to ourselves

to becoming conscious of our holistic mind. 

Image by Suzanne D. Williams


Delve deep & initiate your transformation to reconnect the dots

This is an interconnection programme, in which we start joining the dots of understanding.

Inscendence is "the impulse

not to rise above the world (transcendence) but to climb into it, seek its core" (Thomas Berry). 

Throughout this programme, we deep dive into theories, methods and tools that guide us in clarifying and defining our vision, values, mission & prupose.

The purpose is to assimilate this deeper knowledge and wisdom; so that we can align our core principles to our decision-making, behavioural and systemic choices. 

Rock Balancing


Embody conscious leadership & governance

This is an integration programme. 

Praxis is the process whereby something

we have learned in theory or knowledge gained

is applied and used in a practical way. 

Here, praxis is a programme that supports our commitment to apply ourselves to live our vision

and embody our values through:

Conscious Leadership (vision, mission, decision-making, thought-leadership, discernment, personal responsibility, authentic role-model)


Conscious Governance (values & purpose, ethical principles & behaviour, integral processes including decision & policy making, action planning & strategising). 

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